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Swarm of Bees

About Our Founder

Kevin Mills' beekeeping journey began at the age of 8yrs old with an eventful introduction to the practice by an old-school, charismatic commercial beekeeper... 7 stings to the face later, Kevin decided he wanted to work with bees. 


Entrepreneurial from the start, he managed to expand his bee operations with the help of investors, including family members. His ventures extended beyond beekeeping into entertainment and real estate, though not without financial challenges.


Kevin's resilience and the support of friends helped him recover from financial lows, teaching him valuable business lessons.

Kevin's approach to beekeeping is grounded in principles that blend practical bee management with a strong business mindset. He emphasizes the importance of accepting the inherent unfairness of life and beekeeping, taking personal responsibility, seeking mentors, specializing in a particular aspect of the industry, being customer-focused, and not letting frugality hinder growth.


Kevin also advocates for continuous self-improvement, professional financial management, and embracing feelings of fear and inadequacy as signs of growth.

Based in Rochester, WA, Kevin, alongside his wife Amanda and their three daughters, manage a 1500 colony operation. 

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