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Five frame nucs stocked with 2024 queens. Each nuc has a minimum of 3 frames of brood along with 1-2 frames of feed/pollen.


These NUCS build up fast - so make sure to have an extra box/super or two on hand!


We use queens from two breeders: The Kona Queen Company (Kona, HI) or Z's Bees (Orland, CA). Because of the quanity




- EXCLUSIVE HIVE 5 BEES 14 DAY GUARENTEE: If anything seems 'off' or wrong with your bees within 14 days you can return the original NUC w/ bees and we'll buy you a replacement NUC. We're the only NUC providers confident enough in our bees to offer this!


- Ongoing Educational Videos and Emails to guide you through the entire year!


- Call, Text or E-mail us anytime with questions/concerns so you can make informed decisions with your bees


copy of 2024 Five Frame Nucs (Early Bird Discount!)

$189.95 Regular Price
$174.95Sale Price
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