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**PROJECTED PICKUP DATE IS May 4th (Saturday)**


We're incredibly excited to offer this specially bred in the PNW Queen genetics:




From the WSU (Washington State University) Website about the queen genetics: 


The WSU honey bee breeding program was established in the late 1990’s when a diverse collection of US honey bee stocks was purchased and screened for apicultural characteristics under Pacific Northwest conditions.


Continuous selection criteria for these stocks includes hygienic behavior, gentleness, overwintering ability, honey production and disease resistance in the absence of antibiotics. Occasional introductions of new genetic material are made through the drone mother lines continues each year, including the inclusion of selected Carniolan and Caucasian stocks derived from recent importations of germplasm (semen) from populations within the endemic range of the subspecies A. m. carnica and A. m. caucasica, respectively.


WSU program queens are “open-mated” at our isolated mating station in the George Hudson Biological Preserve on WSU’s 800-acre Smoot Hill Farm.





- EXCLUSIVE HIVE 5 BEES 14 DAY HOBBIEST GUARENTEE: If anything seems 'off' or wrong with your bees within 14 days you can return the original NUC w/ bees and we'll buy you a replacement NUC*. We're the only NUC providers confident enough in our bees to offer this! 



- Ongoing Educational Videos and Emails to guide you through the entire year!



- Call, Text or E-mail us anytime with questions/concerns so you can make informed decisions with your bees



TOTAL: $785 of value included with your NUC Purchase!


Five frame nucs stocked with 2024 queens. Each nuc has a minimum of 3 frames of brood along with 1-2 frames of feed/pollen.


These NUCS build up fast - so make sure to have an extra box/super or two on hand!


Prepare for your best year yet!



*This offer is limited to NUC purchases of 4 or less.

WSU Breeding Program NUCS

PriceFrom $169.95
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